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WITH his booming baritone, Don Dada brings an unusual voice to local Hip hop. Most rappers tend to be high pitched as they spit rhymes, not the laidback Dada - you can call him the Barry White of rappers. The 28 year old born Menelik Nesta Gibbons has an eclectic if not eccentric life which translates beautifully in his music. Brought up by a Rastafarian father and Christian mother, he was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, migrated to South Africa at the age of 5 and grew up in Turffontein south of Johannesburg. He has never cut his hair and his long dreadlocks run over a metre and some centimetres. He’s found his musical home in rap and not reggae. However, inevitably, reggae seeps into his musical arsenal as he makes hip hop. 


His newest album AVANT GARDE has potential to become one of the best albums on our market, with hit song after hit song after listening to it people found it so difficult to select a favourite. It is one of those albums that is easy to play all songs on rotation. It leaves a radio friendly pop laced tune, crosses over genres, 3 languages and music tastes, but its base remains African. This album was produced at home and true to his interpretation of UBUNTU [There is space for all] Don Dada pulled in talented people, the likes of Devon Dp, F.A.R.O, La’Key feature and SuperProducerRapz features on his album. “Black music is born out of the struggle and I use that element,” he offers. “Sound is a wave, music is sound, there’s a place for everyone……”I AM THAT GAME CHANGER” The storyline behind the AVANT GARDE album is impressive, I think it encourages:


1. Entrepreneurial thinking and growth to change the African unemployment rate


2. A change in organisations thinking where brand ambassadors and endorsement are afforded to those who are already successful to a blended approach of supporting entrance with winning attitudes - we must give hope to our young generation April 2016 Don Dada released his first registered single WANT THAT and while busy with his promo tours when he applied to perform on the MTN Mandala Day Tribute Concert. He was approved and allocated a 6min, even though he only had a 3min song he agreed then got into action to complete a 2nd song to fill that time slot. In 2 weeks a 2nd song was registered with RICA / SAMRO and available for download on MTN Network Don Dada made his debut on the MTN Mandala Day Tribute Concert, dropped the new song PHESHE PHAYA on stage and received a positive response from the crowd. Woking with SuperProducerRapz he completed the full AVANT GARDE Album is less than 1 week! The album is available on all digital platforms worldwide!! He is now fighting for breakthrough! Don Dada is hungry for exposure to promote his new album and also to inspire others with his Hustle and Grind as an independent artist that has had to push himself to get to this stage. In May he had no idea that he would be on such a prestige stage.


His Instagram page @dondadamusic and facebook Menelik Nesta Gibbons is testimony of his grind. Don Dada has very little studio equipment, working from his bedroom with a friend to to product such a high quality product that lead to performing among the biggest African artists on a prestige platform, 13 tracks in 1 month i guess he does have the right to his claim 'Game Changer' A brilliant, inspirational story…………………… the intrigue comes out of it being an unfolding story as it is still in its making. Knowing the difficulties of entering the industry, in a bid to support other up-and-coming artists Dada has taken other 2 young artists that he is mentoring. Under_seed is a young female from PE who he took on her debut in her home town on the 16th of December 2016. Dada marvels at the significance of his debut on the MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert and his debuting Under_seed on the MadibazRadio on Reconciliation day adding ‘Yeah, my grind is validated by The Most High’ Don Dada feels that he is standing on his own as a people’s champ. “I care about the soul of the next person and I want to make everyone comfortable with my talent,” says Dada. After years working on his skill now his time has come. “I’ve been studying the game for a while and now I’m ready to make my move, this is my year’ declares Dada His statement rings true as he made his debut on the MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert stirring the crowd with songs that they…..and ….even he was hearing for the first time – Way to go Don Dada